Afraid of compliance? We've got you covered. 😍

The premium compliance-first POS suite foryour dispensary.

Simplifying compliance, point-of-sale, and operations, so that you have the time to focus on what really matters, your customers.


Forbes Article #1

Unlocking The Payment Matrix of The Cannabis Industry

"What many business owners fail to understand is that all transactions in the cannabis space are deemed “high risk” according to payment industry standards."

Forbes Article #2

Apple Secretly Joined Amazon In Advancing Commercial Cannabis Reform

"The financial technology experts at ArtisIQ are ahead of the curve in identifying the imperative to collaborate with tech leaders like Apple to update policy to reflect the mainstream adoption of cannabis."

Our Features

We're Changing The Game 💯

Find out why dispensaries are dropping their existing point of sale for Artis IQ. Allow customers to check-in view Passports, Driver's Licenses, ID Cards and more.

Digital Payment

Upgrade your experience with Native Payment Gateway. Effortless transactions, right from your POS.

Promotions & Loyalty Programs

Gifted Promotions, Automated Rewards: Prioritize Joy in Every Purchase.

Customer Management

Simplified Customer Management: Nurturing Relationships, Elevating Experiences.

ID Verification

Provides instant age and identity validation for legal cannabis purchases and regulatory compliance


Personlize your POS with integrations with Metrc, BioTrack, Weedmaps and more.

Real-Time Menus

Dynamic Menus, Instant Choices: Guarantee Online Shopping Accuracy.


Native E-Commerce Brilliance & Your Preferred Partner on Weedmaps.

Centralized Product Catalog

One Catalog, Infinite Possibilities: Streamlining Your Product Experience.

White-Glove Support

White Glove Excellence, Human Support: Guiding Your Experience with Every Touch.


Let Artis IQ take your CBD shop to the next level.

Most cannabis POS systems don't want to touch CBD, and major retail POS systems are held back by out-dated notions that scares them away from shops like yours. We designed our system with CBD in mind, so that every kind of dispensary can have access to our comprehensive POS System.

That's Fire 🔥🔥 Direct to Consumer Messaging

We leverage AI to simplify & enhance yourbusiness analytics.

Empower B2C connections with our AI powered & data driven insights. Identify market trends, seamlessly engage, and foster customer loyalty!


Customer Clusters

Instantly identify your core and high value customers for targeted marketing.

Compliant Messaging

Send messages with confidence using Artis IQ, where we utilize biometrics & machine learning for age verification.


Integrations with key components all in one system.

What makes us so special? With a closed-loop system we let you take charge of your business.


We want you to join us...

You no longer have to manage 15+ different third party softwares. 🤯 Artis IQ puts the power in YOUR hands. Our all-in-one suite provides

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Available on iOS and Android

Upgrade Your Dispensary With A Mobile App 😱

Our mobile app stands out by providing a safe and compliant way to communicate with your customers, with security at the forefront of our technology.

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Direct to Consumer Messaging

Send text messages or push notifications directly to your customers' phones or mobile applications for a seamless experience.

Artis IQ provides budtenders and managers the ability to market to individual customers or groups using customizable filters, and allow them to redeem promos with the mobile app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Artis IQ ensures that our point-of-sale and security systems remain PCI compliant during any rescheduling process. Our streamlined design allows rescheduling to occur seamlessly, so you won’t have to worry about compliance or security—it’s all taken care of automatically. 😎